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Previous Updates

02/25/02  [ DVDSoon.com ] NEW STORE
DVDSoon.com has been added to our price database. Note that the prices listd on their site are in Canadian Dollars and you will be charged in Canadian Dollars (you can click on a link to get the conversion to your home currency). Prices listed on DVD Price Search have been converted to US Dollars using the most recent currency exchange rate and are for comparison only.

01/15/02  [ BigCD.com ] NEW STORE AND COUPON
BigCD.com has been added to our price database.


[ DVD Express ] NEW STORE
DVDExpress.com has been added back to our price database.


DVDgrand.com has been added to our price database.


[ North American DVD ] NEW STORE
North American DVD has been added to our price database.


[ Playcentric.com ] NEW STORE
Playcentric.com has been added to our price database.


[ BestPrices.com ] NEW STORE
BestPrices.com has been added to our price database.

06/13/01  [ TotalE.com ] NEWS: TOTALE.COM CLOSING
TotalE.com will be closing their site and are not accepting any more orders. All outstanding orders will be filled until June 30th, 2001. On June 30th, any outstanding backorders will be automatically cancelled. You will receive a separate notice if this applies to a pending order.

05/27/01  [ Movies Unlimited ] NEW STORE
MoviesUnlimited.com ("The Movie Collector's Website") has been added to our price database.

The A&B Sound website was breached on May 18. "It now appears that credit card numbers other than those related to open and unprocessed orders were affected. If you haven't done so already, it is recommended that you contact your credit card issuer and inform them of this incident." See the A&B Sound Web Site for more details.

The A&B Sound website was breached on May 18. A&B Sound Ltd. has emphasized that the security breach is limited to open, unprocessed on-line orders and that the security of credit card information belonging to its retail store customers has not been affected in any way. Those with unprocessed orders should contact your cardholder's security department immediately to report the breach. See A&B Sound Web Site for more details.
- Thanks to FDL for the info

CyberRebate filed for bankruptcy on May 16. See their web site for more details.

03/05/01  [ MovieSource.com ] NEW STORE
MovieSource.com has been added to our price database.

02/24/01  [ AlphaCraze.com ] NEW STORE
AlphaCraze.com which offers music, books and video/DVD has been added to our price database.
02/20/01  [ DeepDiscountDVD ] NEW STORE
DeepDiscountDVD.com (a division of Infinity Resources, Inc.) has been added to our price database. Besides offering FREE U.S. Shipping, they currently have the lowest price for 372 titles in our database.

Checkout.com will be closing their site shortly and have stopped taking orders as of February 15th. Every effort will be made to fill outstanding orders and credit cards will not be charged for unshipped items. Checkout.com will remain live for the next four days so that you may access your purchase information.

02/01/01  [ Movie Gallery ] NEW STORE
MovieGallery.com which offers new & used video, DVDs and video games has been added to our price database.

Laser Visons Direct (LVD.com) is now closed and will no longer be opened for business. Customer service will continue to be available for orders placed before 12:00 midnight on January 31st by email to lvd@pioneerservice.com or by telephone at 1.800.801.3472.


TWEC.com (The Web's Entertainment Center) which offers music, video, DVD and video games has been added to our price database. Check out the many TWEC.com Coupons that are available.


DVD Planet (which replaces the Ken Crane's online store) has been added to our price database and Ken Crane's has been removed.


It's official ... Reel.com will discontinue its e-commerce operations although it's web site will still provide leading entertainment content. Outstanding orders will be processed by buy.com. Stay tuned for more details ...
[Press Release 1] [Press Release 2]

03/26/00  NEW STORES: DVD Jam and SamGoody.com have been added to our price database.
03/12/00  NEW STORES: Barnes & Noble and Hifi.com have been added to our price database.

NEW FEATURE: You can now exclude pre-orders in the Power Search. This is useful if you are using coupons which cannot be applied to pre-orders (e.g., BigStar.com).


NEW FEATURE: We've expanded the 'Top 20' DVD list to include the Top 40 DVDs.

We have been receiving an increasing number of customer complaints regarding DVD Wave on a daily basis (some of which are listed in the DVD Wave section on the Vendor Info Page). Since we cannot currently recommend DVD Wave as a reliable online retailer, we have temporarily removed them from our database. If you have any comments, please send them to feedback@dvdpricesearch.com.

300,000 credit card numbers were stolen from CD Universe by a hacker. 25,000 of these were displayed on a web site, so if you've made a purchase at CD Universe, you may want to check with your credit card company for unauthorized charges. Here are some more details from AntiOnline, ABC News, San Jose Mercury News and InternetNews.com.

12/16/99  NEW STORE: Mega DVD is now part of CD Universe which has just been added to our database.

11/14/99  INFO: Release of newly redesigned version of DVD Price Search with many new features!

10/31/99  NEW STORE: Checkout.com has been added to our database.

09/11/99  NEW STORE: Video-Now! (a Canadian-based retailer) has been added to our database.

08/07/99  INFO: The Store Comparison now duplicates the store headers at the bottom of the table for carts greater than 10 to help match each column with its respective store.
08/01/99  NEW STORE: A&B Sound (a Canadian-based retailer) has been added to our database.

NEW STORE: DVD Flix has been added to our database. Their shipping rates are $4.00 flat rate to the U.S. and $10.50 flate rate to International destinations.

07/28/99  NEW LOWEST PRICES: Here's a new feature where we'll spotlight DVDs which have a new low price after our nightly database update.
07/05/99  NEW STORE: Brainplay.com, a family-oriented site, has been added to our database.
07/04/99  NEW STORE: CD Now has been added to our database. Since they do not provide any details on their International Shipping costs, CD Now is excluded from the Store Comparison if you select an International shipping destination.
07/01/99  NETWORK STATUS UPDATE: (from our webhost provider Virtualis): The Network instability has been the result of a new variety of Denial of Service attack. Network fixes and filters have been laid into place to stop and prevent the malicious attack from happening in the future. Network connectivity has been restored and is stable.

06/30/99  INFO: Our server's network connection was experiencing technical difficulties over the past few days which significantly degraded performance. The problem is now fixed. Please send me e-mail if you have any problems and/or suggestions.
06/28/99  NEW FEATURE: We have added a another new search feature which allows you to search by % off MSRP at a specific store.
06/21/99  NEW FEATURE: I've added a new Price Match page which summarizes the Price Match policies for stores in our database. There is also a Price Match button next to each store which Price Matches in the Specials section.
06/16/99  INFO: DIVX is history! Check out the latest news at ZDNet.
06/12/99  NEW FEATURE: We have added a new (highly requested) search feature which allows you to search by price range at a specific store. In addition, our database has been ported to a SQL server which should improve performance (please send me e-mail if you experience any problems).

05/19/99  Congratulations to Brian Tomczyk, the winner in the DVD Price Search Banner Contest. Check out his winning design at the top of the page. Brian wins a $40 gift certificate to the online DVD store of his choice. Thanks to everyone who submitted images!

04/26/99  INFO: The server is currently being reconfigured to optimize performance. Many of you probably noticed a slow response time today. I apologize for this. I am doing everything I can to bring the site back up as soon as possible with the performance you've come to expect. The Store Comparison will be intermittently down during the server maintenance.

INFO: Our new domain is now active. You can now reach us at http://www.dvdpricesearch.com. Remember to change your cookies to point to this new domain in order to retrieve your shopping cart. The original domain ( http://www.dvdpricesearch.net) will be transferred soon.

04/24/99  INFO: The site is now back up on a new dedicated server being hosted by Virtualis. Many thanks to Brad Fitzpatrick for recommending them. They have been incredible in their support and response time so far! The dedicated server was setup in 24 hours!

We also now have 2 domain names (dvdpricesearch.net and now dvdpricesearch.com). They will eventually both point to this site but for now, you need to use . To retrieve your shopping cart, exit your browser and edit the cookies file to point your old dvdpricesearch.net cookies to Please send me e-mail if you experience any problems with the site. Hopefully this dedicated server can handle the load. I'm also currently converting the site to a SQL-based database which should have a huge performance impact.

Thanks for all your patience while the site goes through some growing pains ...

04/19/99  INFO: First I accidentally delete my own files without a backup and now yesterday (Sunday, 04/18), someone hacked into the DVD Price Search web host server and wiped out everyone's incoming e-mail that was left in their inbox. Luckily, I was able to do a partial retrieval from an April 15 backup. If you have sent me an e-mail since April 15 and have not received a reply, please send the e-mail again if possible. What else could go wrong ...

I've fixed the problem with the New Releases and Anamorphic browse categories.

04/15/99  INFO: The site is now operational again. Sorry for the down time. There was a slight system problem ... a bunch of important files were 'accidentally' deleted and the backup system wasn't running so I had to work off a backup from 3 months ago! There are still a few minor things to work out but the site should work as usual. Please send me an e-mail if you spot any problems.
04/12/99  NEW STORE: DVD North has been added to our database. Their prices are converted to US dollars using the latest exchange rate from Yahoo's Currency Converter during the nightly update. The shipping costs are converted with a fixed exchange rate of 1 US Dollars/ 1.5 Canadian Dollar.
04/04/99  NEW FEATURE: I've added an Order Status Page to help you check on the current status of your order at vendors which provide this service.
04/01/99  NEW STORE: DV Depot has been added to our database.

03/18/99  NEW FEATURE: Now you can browse through a store's titles which have the lowest price among all stores in our database.
03/15/99  NEW STORE: Music Boulevard has been added to our database.
03/13/99  NEW FEATURE: You can now bypass the Shopping Cart and go directly to the Store Comparison from the Search Results by clicking on Add to Cart/Calculate Totals. If you have title(s) selected, they will be added to your cart. This should speed things up when you only have one title in your cart or when you are adding the last title(s) to your cart.

You can also load your saved shopping cart and go directly to the Store Comparison by clicking on Load Cart & Calculate Totals on the DVD Price Search Home Page (JavaScript and Cookies required).

02/27/99  COOL New Feature! The Store Comparison can now split your shopping cart across multiple stores to find the lowest possible total cost. Just select Include Best Combination from either the Shopping Cart page or the Store Comparison page. Note that this option is only valid for 2-12 DVDs and will only return a result if a combination exists which includes all items in your cart.
02/15/99  DVD Arena has been removed from our database since they now only sell used DVDs.
02/12/99  If you select an international shipping destination, the store totals on the Store Comparison page will now link to Yahoo's currency converter.
02/07/99  The Search by Price, Search by MSRP and Great Deals have been updated to only include stores which ship internationally for international shipping destinations (ie, you select a country other than United States or None of the Above). Note that 800.com does ship internationally but only to Canada.
02/06/99  I've added a Vendor Info Page which lists all the stores included in the database along with contact information (address, e-mail, phone number).
02/01/99  Now you can browse through DVDs which are anamorphic (16:9 Enhanced) by selecting 'Anamorphic (16:9 Enhanced)' in the Browse menu.

01/29/99  Now you can search by % off of MSRP. For example, to find DVDs whose lowest price is at least 60% off of MSRP, enter 60 into the text box. Note: only use integers (ie, no decimals.)
01/26/99  Now you can search for DVDs whose lowest price is within a certain price range! To find DVDs at a specific price (eg, $9.99), enter that value in both fields.
01/14/99  The MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is now included under each title on the Store Comparison page.
01/13/99  I've added a Magazine Rack where you can subscribe to DVD/Movie/Home Theater related magazines at up to 75% off the cover price. There are also links to each magazine's web site.
01/12/99  To speed things up even more, you can now search for multiple titles at once by separating your search keys with an |. For example, to search for Blade and Super Speedway, you could use the search key blade | super speedway.

The Shopping Cart and Store Comparison pages now sort your DVD titles alphabetically.

01/11/99  Removed NetFlix from the database since they now only rent DVDs. [ Details ]

The DVD Price Search web server (http://www.netspace.org) was upgraded today which made the site inaccessible for part of the day. Sorry for the inconvenience. The good news is that the site's response time should be faster!

01/08/99  To make things a little more efficient, you can now delete items from your cart on the Store Comparison page without having to go through the Shopping Cart page. Just select the 'Delete' checkbox next to each title you want to delete and then click on 'Update Store Comparison'.
01/03/99  I've added the ability to change your store inclusion/exclusion information on the Price Comparison Page. I've also modified the way cookies are used to store your preferences so if you're having any problems with your state,country,store include/exclude info being remembered across sessions, you probably need to delete the old cookies and re-enter your preferences.

Attention WebTV visitors: If you are having problems using this site, please link to http://www.dvdpricesearch.net/webtv.html (a Java-script challenged version of the DVD Price Search Home Page).

12/30/98  Now you can save your shopping cart and retrieve it in a future session (no more retyping!) by using the 'Save Cart' and 'Load Cart' buttons on the Shopping Cart page. You can also go directly to your saved cart from the main page by clicking on 'Load Cart'. In order to access this feature, you must have a JavaScript-capable browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled.

Looking for great deals ? Browse through the new 'Great Deals' category. to find DVD titles whose lowest price is at least 25% lower than the next lowest price.

12/27/98  Added 800.com to our database
12/20/98  DVD Price Search now has its own domain name!
The new URL is http://www.dvdpricesearch.net
12/19/98  Now you can browse through the 20 most requested DVD titles by selecting 'Top 20 DVD Titles' in the Browse menu.
12/15/98  Now you can browse through New Releases
12/13/98  Added DVD Discounts to our database
12/08/98  Added BUY.COM to our database
12/06/98  Added Total E to our database
12/01/98  Added DVD Box Office to our database

11/30/98  International Shipping is now available!
If there are other countries you would like to see added, please send me an e-mail.
11/22/98  Added Spree.com and Best Buy to our database
11/21/98  Now your state, country and store inclusion/exclusion info will be remembered across sessions. In order to access this feature, you must have a JavaScript-capable browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled.
11/18/98  Now you can fine tune your search by selecting stores which you always want to appear in the top 8 stores as well as which stores you want to exclude.
11/17/98  Thanks for all the feedback regarding Shopping.com. We have decided to keep Shopping.com in our database but have added a new page which has Vendor Information. Please consult this page if you have questions and/or problems regarding a particular vendor.
11/15/98  Removed Video Serve from our database since it is has changed to BUY.COM (which will be added to our database soon ...)
11/13/98  PLEASE READ: We are considering removing Shopping.com from our database due to a reported history of poor customer service. For more info follow this link or go to alt.video.dvd (and search for 'shopping'). If you have any comments please send them to feedback@dvdpricesearch.com
11/11/98  Added NetFlix to our database
11/10/98  Removed Cinemadisc from our database since it is now partnered with NetFlix
11/03/98  Added Big Star to our database

10/30/98  Now you can browse through upcoming releases sorted by date

09/08/98  DVD Price Search is born!

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