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Maxim Maxim is written for young, professional men who are confident, intelligent, everyday guys. It serves as both a fun and informative publication, delivering a healthy balance of accessible service with a humorous tone. Editorial features include articles on women, food, work, sports, fashion, and sex. Get 2 years/24 issues of Maxim for $22.00. That's 77% off the Cover Price! PC Magazine PC Magazine is the number one information resource for computing professionals. Every issue provides comprehensive product evaluations — including side-by-side comparisons — based on benchmark tests from PC Magazine labs. Trust PC Magazine to deliver the most timely and accurate computing information available anywhere. Get one year/22 issues of PC Magazine for $26.97. That's 77% off the Cover Price PLUS ... Get 3 FREE CD-ROMS - Ultimate Utilities, Gaming Mega Pac, & Interactive Companion !

Check out these DVD/Movie/Home Theater related magazines and save up to 80% OFF the cover price.

Schwann DVD Advance Enhance your movie-viewing experience with Schwann DVD Advance! New DVD titles in all genres are released each week, bringing Academy Award winners, cult classics and hot new releases into living rooms everywhere, in enhanced digital quality. Schwann DVD Advance keeps you up-to-date on everything new and available in DVD. This bi-monthly publication includes information about actors, categories, titles, ratings, subtitle options, sound quality info, studios, catalog numbers, pricing, and more. Schwann DVD Advance also features articles on film trends and the people behind the movies.

Get one year/6 issues of Schwann DVD Advance for $19.95. That's 52% off the Cover Price.
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Audio Video Interiors Audio Video Interiors is a monthly magazine dedicated to the harmonious mingling of style and technology. Home theater fans will love the magazine's exhaustive coverage of traditional and state-of the art products and accessories. It's a great read for anyone building or upgrading a home entertainment center.

Get one year/12 issues of Audio Video Interiors for $18.00. That's 62% off the Cover Price.
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Stereophile's Guide To Home Theater Stereophile's Guide to Home Theater aims to help you assemble the best possible home theater system for your needs and budget or get the most out of the system you already own. Each monthly issue is filled with features, news, and reviews of DVDs, laserdiscs, software, and more.

Get one year/10 issues of Stereophile's Guide To Home Theater for $14.97. That's 70% off the Cover Price.
[Stereophile's Guide To Home Theater Home Page]

Stereo Review's Sound & Vision The result of a merger between Stereo Review and Video, Stereo Review's Sound & Vision addresses the interests of audio and home-theater enthusiasts alike. Published 8 times per year, the magazine tests new technologies and explains how to buy and use equipment.

Get one year/8 issues of Stereo Review's Sound & Vision for $9.95. That's 69% off the Cover Price.
[Stereo Review's Sound & Vision Home Page]

Home Theater Home Theater is a magazine dedicated to the pursuits of audio- and videophiles. It is mindful of consumers' budgets in previewing and testing the latest technologies. Each monthly issue explains the benefits and drawbacks of new systems.

Get one year/12 issues of Home Theater for $11.97. That's 80% off the Cover Price.
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